5 ways to make money online in India | in 2020

There are many options for making money online. However, there is a huge problem. What works all over the world may or may not work in India. For example, many posts like mine refer to survey sites, but when it comes to Indians, the same sites either pay or reject the right applications. The work you need to do is a list of ways to get things done, tried, and tested. Exactly what you are going to get

In this post, I have compiled various methods that are proven to work to earn money in India and you can get a good income with the internet. I not only provide a cursory glance at the methods but share real steps to get you real results wherever possible.

My name is George. In 2010 I got a well-coveted engineering seat after the entrance exam preparation and final success. Over the course of a few months, I had a painful feeling that this is not what I wanted to do with my life. I had my first love and always kept writing. I don’t know what happened that I started a free blog on the Blogspot platform. It brought me millions of viewers, but not much in terms of earnings. Writing kept me stunned. I was happy that I could write. I went on Fiverr, then freelancing and then scoring things to make money online.

By the time I passed in 2014, I was comfortable earning what my friends in IT companies were starting. And that was enough to continue to get me started. I knew that I was on the right track.

This post is a summary of my lessons- 8 years of distilled knowledge in one post. With these tips and tricks, your chances of success are high. I have never made this claim before, but if you study and apply the method (s) in this guide then there is no reason you did not succeed.

Most of these methods do not require a lot of investment from your end and I always supplement the sections with information on how you can do this for free. That said if you have somewhere Rs. 3000 to 5000 to invest which would be golden.

1. Earning Money with Fiverr

Tips to optimize the gig

Fiverr has hundreds of thousands of gigs imaginable in every category. And hundreds of new ones are added every day. These many GISs and vendors mean a thin slice of pie for you that dilutes each passing day. Fiverr must decide which one to rank at the top. If you are not at the top, you are not making any money. I do not know the exact algorithm, but some things have worked in my favor that I will list.

The more visitors you have, the more sales you will be able to make, the faster you land for additional sales, the faster your sales will increase. To measure its value as a seller Fiverr looks at hosting reviews, delivery speed, communication speed, and other factors.

It starts with your gig title. Choose it wisely as it cannot be changed later. I am talking about the bit that appears in the address bar rather than something that appears on the gig page that can be edited later. Let’s call it Permalink. Permalink cannot be changed.

Tips to continue selling well on the platform

  • Fiverr wants your gigs to be well presented. If you do not achieve sales or conversions.
  • With the new Out of Office mode, you can temporarily unlist your gigs as long as you want to stay away. Do not use the suspend option because I found that it negatively affects your gig ranking. Out of office mode, your best bet is to not even misbehave. Do not take too much leave. Your competitors will receive reviews and start ranking above you.
  • Compare and contrast similar gigs and provide a unique twist.
  • You can attract more buyers by showing previous work drawings and pdfs.
  • Upsell customers on other addon services and earn more money.
  • Pay attention to quality and timely delivery. If your gig says there are two days to delivery, then delivery does not take 48 hours. Always try to deliver as soon as you did.
  • Fiverr value sellers who can communicate quickly and often who reel buyers. There are hundreds of competitive gigs.
  • you do not respond in 30 minutes, the buyer is going to scout for other options.
  • Respond to feedback. Negative feedback is not harmful to sales. If you handle it positively it cannot stop other buyers. (Now they have introduced an additional change. As a seller you are notified of a review, but will not be able to see it until you add your review of the experience)
  • Upsell clients by creating more gigs related to main. For example, a well-compiled business plan PDF for the client you just. offered market research. You can make at least $ 50 more with this trick.
  • Fiverr all communications insider. Any attempt on the outside is relied upon, Fiverr is against TOS. This can provoke a warning from the system. Try it more often and they will ban you.
  • If the buyer does not leave a review within 3 days and if he leaves the review, the order is marked in full. You can withdraw funds even after 14 days, even if it is as low as $ 5.

2. Start your own website

Websites are not the fastest way to earn money online. They have a lot of patience and work before they start to see the first trickle of dollars. If you are lucky you can make an affiliate commission out of the blue, but such examples are rare.

Most advice on starting websites is more than a gimmick oriented towards selling web-hosting, domains, and other products you associate with the creator of the post. I will move away from the usual gimmick and get straight to the point.

The Truth About Websites: Initially generating a small income that will be gradually built into larger and better volumes. Most people are good at getting information about how to get traffic and demonetize it. Like most things in life with websites, you need a ton of patience to succeed.

The big advantage is that is you completely own the website, and there is no platform to take you out. Your website will continue to rank and bring clients, commissions, and traffic for years after the initial work is completed. Or you can keep pace by posting once a week. However, there is no workaround time to secure the first few rankings. let’s get started.

Creating a site from scratch is not as difficult as it used to be years ago. There are hundreds of user-friendly CMSs with WordPress that are the most popular and hundreds of thousands of plugins that you want it to have. Both free and paid themes are available to use, please. If WordPress is not your cup of tea, you can choose from one of the many free platforms available from Blogspot to Tumblr and Typepad and more.

Most blogs do not make any money. Many people close the shop after a few months, weeks, or years of effort and failure. Even if the threshold is so low, the profits are elusive. You just need to be able to pay hosting expenses and even then the vast majority will not succeed.

3. Earn money for Web Search

According to what I have said about Fiverr, here is another way to earn money that you will be paid to search the web. The Swagbucks mission is to reward users for the everyday things they do online. It also includes searching the web. After creating an account, go to Swagbucks’ search page to find a dedicated search engine and start searching as you do every day. The second thing is to make Swagbucks your default search engine. Detailed instructions are provided for popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

There are other options in case of your interest. Every activity in the points you earn is attached to your results. There is a game, a shop to buy the product, if you are eligible you can watch TV and participate in the survey. There are two options to cache one. First PayPal and second gift card.

The watch section is particularly good. You only need to play the video and earn points. But note that I said play and not watch. The site cannot tell the difference. You can play and play about your day and make money without doing anything. A playlist can contain 15 videos that award you 15 reward points. 1 reward point is equal to 1 percent.

Bing is a direct competitor of Google and has a small share in the search engine market. However, this does not make any of the search engines less effective. Also being a sister company of Microsoft, they have deep pockets. They do not hesitate to spend some money in a bid to improve their search engine market share.

Bing Rewards rewards you for using Bing for your daily search needs. You earn points that can later be redeemed for physical gifts. For instructions on how to join Bing Rewards, visit their “Help” page. After signing in using Bing to search the web instead of Google. There is also a Chrome browser extension that you can use.

Qmee is an online shopping engine that helps shoppers search for deals and discounts, compare prices, and review products to earn commissions. Qmee is not a search engine per se, but shows sponsored listings on the left side of the screen. Whenever you get some interesting clicks, get points that you can redeem later.

Qmee is compatible with most web browsers and search engines and also works inside sites like Amazon. It works by installing an add-on that is available for all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Add-on alert search engine page listings include sponsored listings from their end. Unlike other reward programs, which sport ridiculously high cashouts, Qmee does not hinder. There is no minimum amount for cash out and you can also send something as low cents i.e. less than a dollar for your Paypal.

4. Trading stocks online to make money

Today it is not necessary to wear a suit and tie and go to a fancy office to invest money in stock. This can be done completely in the comfort of your home. This is thanks to the many online trading platforms available, many of which are discount trading options that charge very little on executed trades.

It requires that you have some money in your pocket to invest, even less than 5000 to 10000. Despite the risk associated with trading, I prefer to trade more than I like to invest in the long term. This is because my businesses are growing and presenting a growing challenge to find funding to promote that growth.

For example, this is what I did with Vedanta. I bought it in 234 and made a net profit of 250 on an investment of 2 lakhs in a week. Profit went directly to link building efforts for one of my blogs and would do so until it could stand on its own foot and start producing consistent income.

That kind of money is not possible when you are looking at value investing. I plan to do so and when the time comes I am busier with it but my interests are vested elsewhere.

In any case, knowing something about the business is going to be beneficial. For example, when I started in class 11 I got my first mobile with the internet. Airtel seemed the most popular service provider at the time and I naturally went with it. The talk was of 200 the-10s when the 2G scene exploded and millions of Indians used the Internet for the first time.

Things became more interesting, especially for me. I figured out the ways in which I could get a free internet facility at zero balance. It was a real jingle Lala moment for me. It lasted for months, not years. I eventually discovered that this was a ploy by Airtel to maintain and maintain its market share. Provide free internet and your oyster of the world. This was my first extraordinary brush with how real-world businesses ran themselves. I was very interested in buying Airtel shares later in life. Somehow I knew they knew how to survive. When I grew up I wanted to own stock.

While this is not how you typically evaluate such stocks or businesses, such extrapolation can give some insight. Want to invest in a listed company- Look at how they run their businesses. If it is a chain hotel business like Oyo, try to look hand and foot first, talk to the managers and guards. Most of the time they get so bored with their routine that they reveal so much that you can’t help but work miracles. It requires more but it is a beginning.

With Telecom, I felt that networks like Idea or Vodafone are not very much in that regard. And years later I was proved right after Jio landed all the telcos in hot water. We saw large exits, some bankruptcies, and a Titanic merger. Airtel, however, has all the patience and work. There are several parameters that you can keep in mind when determining the stocks you should buy. Remember that this is not a quick-rich scheme.

Read through the gauge market sentiment on the Moneycontrol forums and the discussions happening around a particular stock. You have to go through a lot of nonsense and half-complete sentences to find some real gems. It often happens that it is updated on the site as NSE and BSE are filing.

Do not invest in stocks that have a dubious history. Major examples are Vakrangee and PCJ. Here we will focus on trading – either day trading or short term holding. The above parameter lets you screen and present shares that meet the basic criteria. Now you have a list of stocks with good fundamentals. But it will not end here. You need to follow those companies and get as much information as possible.

To do this you should set up a Google alert that informs you about the company details. The specialty of the market is that stocks sooner or later return to their true value. We often hear a word called reform. A correction occurs when a stock that has become too high in value due to investor interest and returns to its actual market value. When purchasing a stock, it is important that you consider its true value. Pay attention to how to define a good stock.

5. Make money from Instagram

The best thing about Instagram is that it still retains its organic reach. There are ways in which you can test things on the platform and drive traffic and conversions. Instagram is the platform to make money today. For example, you can create an account in a woodworking niche that is particularly popular on Instagram these days.

Even with a small number of followers, you can make money on Instagram, as long as you are connecting with them properly. The question of how many followers do I need to make money is wrong. The right question is, what do I need to do to make money from Instagram?

Follower count is not very important. It depends on many factors that can either slow you down or speed up the deal. It depends on the niche you are in and how easily you can associate it with a product. The engagement level of followers. Not good for fake traffic or 100 or 100,000 followers. The revenue channel you are looking for will have clarity

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