Earn Money Online without any investment in 2020

How to earn money from the internet?

To be honest, there are hundreds of ways when you search on the internet to earn money online without investing. You can find some legal sources of money-making and many scam sources.
Most people often fail to succeed because they do not have sufficient awareness to differentiate legitimately to make money from the source of the scam. An important point to identify the source of the scam is to tag the site as a scam when they ask to start using their program or online jobs for the initial investment.
Data entry jobs, form filling jobs, captcha solving jobs, email processing, and the like do not require any investment, but some scammers benefit people by asking for the initial investment. I was also scammed because of such approaches and it took a few months to learn how to separate legal sites from scam sites.
Here, I am listing some real money making methods for internet users, which are easy to work and get paid on time. Before starting, you must have some requirements and basic skills such as good communication, writing, and so on.

Is it possible to make money without investment?

The fact is, yes it is possible. People are earning a lot of money from the internet by working from their home or office. Even college students can earn some pocket money by doing such online part-time jobs during their extra time or evenings.
There are many different ways to earn money online without investment, but be aware to stay away from many scam companies. Online earning does not happen overnight and dedication and time are required to achieve desired success.
But in fact, most people require quick money and this allows scammers to cheat people by asking for investment to start an online job easily. You do not need to do any special activity to earn money, rather you can easily make a good income from your regular activities. In the following article, we will discuss those easy ways to earn money online from your regular habits.

1) Article Writing Service:

While on the Internet, blogging was the best source of passive income online and a report states that at least 3000 new blogs were being launched every day on average. Those bloggers and webmasters are always looking for new creative and unique content writers for their blogs and websites.
You will be paid from $ 2 – $ 10 per article depending on the quality of the article, length of the article, niche chosen, etc. However, you can also get other types of jobs. Register a free account and browse for content writing jobs.
When choosing a project, do not forget to read the instructions that indicate the requirement of the employer. You will be given instructions on various fields such as article title, length, content format, etc.

2) Become a freelancer:

Today most people were educated and literate. They have some specific skills such as programming, designing, craftwork, or marketing skills. Even if they do not find the right job for their skills, the Internet still has some paid work to make money online.
Need: Ready to learn the Internet and concept to be patient first. Now, I am going to talk about freelancing and how to be a good freelancer. A freelancer or freelance worker is a commonly used term for a person who is self-employed.
It is not necessary for a particular employer to work long hours or they need to go to the office daily for their work. He can work anytime, anywhere, on any project he wishes, based on his skill and passion.
For example, if you are good at programming, you can find a job based on web programming and coding to earn online.

3) Do online micro-tasking jobs:

The Internet is full of options. If you don’t like working for a part-time commitment like a freelancer but you want to earn money online, then start doing small jobs and micro-jobs online.
Micro-tasking is a process of dividing a large task into smaller tasks that can be distributed to many people on the Internet. Each task is assigned to individuals based on their skills.
These sites offer various micro jobs and offer for their members and they can choose based on their skill level and experience. On successful completion of each task, you will pay around $ 1 – $ 10. This is another easy way to make money from your free time every day.

4) Become an Advisor:

You can earn money by selling your advice and sharing your knowledge on other people’s project development. There is no need for a superior skill or expert to be a consultant, you just have to be better than your client.
I am offering advisory services on web development based on new technologies as I have successfully completed more than 10 projects. Generally, I charge an average of Rs 1500 per hour via Skype/phone.
I am helping customers move forward on a new dimension. They get more business based on my ideas and I am being compensated for every successful consultancy hour. Anyone with sound knowledge can become an advisor and find clients online. but how?
1.) Create a free blog on WordPress or Blogspot
2.) Create a Facebook page or Twitter profile or LinkedIn profile
3.) Start a real small start-up office in your area.
Ideas to remember: The Internet has many true opportunities to earn money online. But you should spend your initial time to learn a lot of new things like ebooks, articles, blogs, etc. to get knowledge. In a few months, you can start earning a good income by working online.

5) Earn from PTC sites:

This is the right way to make a second income by working online. Income is low but at the end of the month, you can make around $ 200 from PTC sites. PTC sites act as a middleman between advertisers and members.
The advertiser pays money for traffic and members will earn money to visit those advertiser sites. To make income, you have to click and watch 10 to 30-second ads on your computer.
After the timer expires, your account will be credited with the money. You will be paid for every advertisement you see on your browser. It does not require any special skills to get started but time is needed to earn a decent income.
Get a list of actual paying PTC sites here. Referrals are the secret to success because these sites will pay up to 50% of your referral commission as your referral commission.

6) Work from an online survey:

This is another great opportunity for people to earn extra income every day. Surveys are a set of questions asked by MNC companies about their products or services so that different answers and suggestions can be obtained from different people.
The survey will take 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the length of the survey and the company. All you have to do is write your response or choose your opinion from the list of options.
You can make $ 1 to $ 20 per survey and it depends on many factors such as the length of the survey, your profile, and your country that you are living. Here is the list of the best survey sites to join for free.

7) Earn free bitcoins:

Bitcoin is a virtual digital cryptocurrency that acts as a function of real currency. You can use bitcoin to buy any products or services, flight tickets, hotel rooms, online shopping, and more.
It has become a new trend all over the world. There are two ways to earn bitcoin: one is mining and the other is working on tap sites. Mining is an automated process to earn bitcoins and requires some initial investment.
In this first method, your lump sum investment will earn you for a very long time. Bitcoin earners do not require investment. Register with a list of recommended bitcoin sites and start earning free satoshi for solving captchas or doing micro-tasks.
You will need to create an online wallet account in the blockchain to store your BTC, which you can later use for any purpose.

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