How to earn money from Freepik in 2020

So how do Noobs and professionals make money with Freepik? Let me tell you how. But first, let me tell you something about the company. This is not all of the images you know.
So most people know Freepik as a website that provides users with high-quality graphic design: images and graphic resources specially selected by their design team to provide users with great content that is both personal and commercial Can be used in projects. And all.
But do you know that you can actually make money with them? Yes, working remotely with them is something that will benefit everyone or nothing for everyone, from students to professionals, to millennials. To list, there are four ways to make money with Freepik. Also, you do not need a degree for most of these. Are you excited let’s Roll?
Four ways to make money with Freepik:

1. Become a designer or photographer.

What qualities do you need?

  • Great creativity – Great imagination, sensitivity, and being a person aware of new trends.
  • Self-management capability – As a self-worker, you have to manage your own timesheet to produce fast results.
  • Original Content – To become a specialized designer you must send us files originally created by you. You can be held liable if you violate copyright.
  • Exclusive content – Create designs specifically for our user community.
  • Quality Commitment – All submissions go through a review process to ensure the quality of our resources.
  • Work closely with your assigned art director in weekly tasks – improve your design skills on a daily basis.

What are your obligations once hired?

  • Take an exam – you have to prepare four basic pictures. If you are accepted, your skill, technique, and talent will determine.
  • Weekly and Monthly Work – Depending on the file format you will work with (vector images, icons, photos, videos) your assigned art director will give you a weekly topic to work on.
  • Once hired, a designated art director will give you different themes. Now you will work on those topics and agree to submit on deadline. A minimum of 10 images is required to be submitted weekly.
  • If you can make it better. There is no maximum. Whereas in Falcon, 50 icons per week are required to be submitted. Your revenue will not depend on per download. You will be paid a fixed price. Set once after conducting preliminary tests to check the quality of work.

How are you paid?

Challan and payment are made between 10th to 15th of each month. Monthly invoices Payments are sent via Paypal and Skrill. So, if you want to apply then you can see them here.

2. Become a Contributing Model

If you are a contributor to other sites. They would like to have you. Get your portfolio on Freepik and earn more money. There is no subject or specific subject to the following. You are free to make whatever you think useful to others. Initially, you will be able to send a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 files for review.
All files will be marked as premium. The advantage of uploading files at a premium is that they offer more than 5 $ for every 1000 downloads. In addition, they have millions of users. Thus, the chances of downloading are very high. Payment is made through PayPal and Skrill. Finally, if you want to contribute, you can see them here.

3. Become a writer

If you are a master writing specifically in tutorials, design trends, articles, etc., then you should give it a shot.

What qualities do they need as a writer?

  • Great Creativity-  Being a passionate person with great imagination and sensitivity and being aware of new trends.
  • Self-management capability – As a self-worker, you have to manage your own timesheet to produce fast results.
  • Original Content – Make your imagination flow and inspire people with articles about new trends.
  • Quality and dynamic content – Each article must be properly remodeled, have an entertaining pace, and be based on an interesting topic.
You might be asking why write in Free pick if there are other websites that pay well? easy. In addition to economic benefits, you can get. In fact, they are the leading search engine in graphic design and have millions of users and visits per month.
This is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and traffic to your personal website, as they always provide links to all articles on the author’s website and social media networks. Therefore, it is a win-win solution for both the author and the company.

What kind of articles do they need?

  • Graphic design (icon design, etc.)
  • Designer Lifestyle
  • UX / UI design, web design
  • online marketing
  • free
  • Inspirational work
  • compilation
  • Others (if you have another idea and you think it would be ideal to publish in our blog, fill out the form and describe the topic and if interesting we will get in touch with you)

What are the requirements?

Articles must be 100% original and unpublished. It is necessary. It is also important that the writer has a very good level of English. Also, it is important to include references at the end of every article and source.

4. Become a Design Instructor

If you are fond of teaching and have a special skill that you want to share. Work for you here

What qualities are they looking for as a design instructor?

  • Great communication skills – either when you write a tutorial for video tutorials or steps for a script, you must know the correct use of the language (English) so that the reading is clear.
  • Storytelling Ability – You need to have a good understanding of time and rhythm so that the audience can get all the information through the tutorials without getting bored or lost. You have to know how to fascinate them all the time.
  • A skill that you control – you can never explain a thing properly. If you don’t understand it completely, then you have to be an expert who you are going to explain step by step, because your The main audience is not professionals, they are beginners which means that they probably do not know the usage of design programs according to you, so you should know in detail about each section. Will Ana.
  • (Video) Video Editing Capabilities – If you are going to make a video tutorial, obviously you should know how to edit your own footage and audio. You should also understand videos, such as codecs, formats…
In addition, Freepik needs tutorials that relate to design, illustration, animation, and all digital art. The Art Director in charge, he is interested in the list of possible tutorials you can do.
Also, if you know something you know is a good fit with your skills? Go ahead and join them here.
Above all, always remember that we all have our skills and talents, some are born with it and some are developed. But whatever it is, you should always promote yourself by trying new career opportunities.

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