10 Best app to make money online in 2020

There are many ways to earn money online, such as freelancers, online trading, affiliate marketing, image selling, etc. The mobile app helps you get the job done easily from anywhere and at any time. So you can do all the online earning work through your mobile. Below are the top 10 mobile applications for making money online easily.

1. Misho

Meisho is an online reseller network for SMBs and housewives, who sell products within their networks on social media channels. The company is building a next big e-commerce distribution channel with the help of homeowners sold on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Misho has a network of 20,000 HomePower in 160 cities in India. Since it was established in the year 2015, it has served more than 5 million persons. The Meisho app download process is as simple as removing the outer wrapper from a banana. Find the word Meesho and download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Shop 101

A Shop101 mobile app is specifically for those who are interested in making a profit by reselling different products from multiple categories. Shop101 is one of the top three reselling mobile apps in India. Its reseller network plays an essential role as a social commerce platform. It acts as an intermediate between sellers and manufacturers from the app to reach wholesalers’ products with their resellers to buyers. In addition, the mobile app specifically for reselling is considered as an application for online sales in India, which has been relied upon by over 30 lakh vendors to earn income.

3. money

The company RozDhan was an Indian based app with services across India. It is one of the notable apps for making money from smartphones, which is available for common use on the Google Play Store. This Android app was launched to entertain people by updating the latest happenings and news happening around us.

While entertaining the users, this mobile app also gives an opportunity to earn money by doing some minor tasks. There are a lot of money making apps that were available in the market, but RozDhan is a notable name.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a classic portal that offers users to watch videos, complete surveys, play games, search the web, or perform some other simple tasks. You will be rewarded in SB. SB Points can be redeemed for cash or gifts. Swagbucks offers gift cards to over 1000 retailers, including Starbucks, Walmart, Flipkart, Amazon, iTunes, and more. You can also claim cash with the help of PayPal transfer.

5. Make Money

Make Money We have a simple yet powerful application that lets you earn money online. They pay you to watch videos, complete surveys, try free apps, test services, free trials, advertisements, and more. You are paid with the help of PayPal.

6. AdFly

Adfly is a link shortener service that helps reduce URL length. You can use this service to earn money online. You just need to shorten the link with the help of AdFly, the link will be monetized with ads and for every 1000 clicks on the link, you will be paid with some amount. Each time any visitor clicks on the Adf.ly link, they will see the full-page ad for 5 seconds before clicking the skip add button and continuing to their desired location. The amount also depends on the country where the link is being opened. Once the user limit is exceeded, you can easily transfer funds to your account.

7. Survey on the Go

Surveys on Go is a popular poll and survey app that works for fortune 500 companies, the entertainment industry, and a few other companies. Surveys on GO is unique in the sense that it pays you cash directly, like any other survey app that deals in points. You will earn money for the surveys you can take.

8. Ibotta

Ebotta is a cashback app that can help you save your money and give it back in the form of access to cash on everyday purchases you make. You just have to check the app before shopping, traveling, and ordering. Eat or prepare food. Ebotta will basically let you earn more cashback on trending and millions of leading brands and stones, including Walmart, Target, and many more.

9. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an award-winning lock screen app. It is a lock screen app that offers rewards, cashback, and cash points for using their screen locker. Slidejoy displays trending news and Internet-based personal ads on your phone screen. You can redeem cash rewards in your PayPal account or choose gift cards from your favorite retailers and brands such as Starbucks, Google Pay Credits, Amazon, and others.

10. AppTrailers

AppTrailers is an Android app available for free, which can earn real money and rewards just for you by watching hot trailers of various applications. So, every time you install an app on your smartphone, just go to AppTrailers, see a preview of the respective app, and even pay for the same.


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